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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Muska - Main Articles Volume 1

Recently an ancient artifact of sound and meditation was found beneath the depths. Muska was brought to the surface by the exploratory ship Tenant Recordings. Roughly twenty five minutes of droning fundamentalism. This recording has tones tracing back to India and the surrounding lands. Maybe a casualty of a monsoon related mishap, falling through the depths of time. This California label has kept the humble origins intact, a white cassette, with a scientific finding classification, "Main Articles Volume 1", and monochrome image of the instrument most like used in this sounds creation.

These sustained notes, created from the most simple and organic platform, allow the mind to breath. Released in August of 2017 and available from the label's bandcamp page. Not sure what the run is, most likely not too many.

Tenant Recordings - bandcamp - soundcloud