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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

OMNIVM - Madmen Playground

Step to the side, duck your head. Insidious haunted beats are pummeling the planets surface. OMNIVM has pulled into orbit and has begun dismantling humanities garble. As if they are reflecting ground noise around the world, blending and processing, showing in sonic splendor how cacophony is fluid.

Madmen Playground has a warbling hip hop feel. Like urban streets are being pulled at either end, causing everything to vault upward. The process repeats, dancing noises combined with a varying array of speech samples. Running forward and backward, everything sizzling on the searing OMNIVM frying pan. Madmen Playground is far from mayhem. Tracks are wisely contiguous with each other. "We Use Proof Plastic" and "When Information Old Come", both on the first side, have a beatnik rhythm with samples as the poetry. On the second side, "And So Easy On The Eyes" flows seamlessly with "Extremely Beautiful, Lush". These tracks dissect the world in need of fake beauty with a comic blade. This tape is probably the closest thing i have heard to early Negativland, minus the instructional vocals.

Released on Never Anything Records in the summer batch of 2017. OMNIVM is expertly composed. Madmen Playground pulls from sound around us adding just enough sparkle to make this a tape that will stay in the deck. Get this one!

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