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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Macho Blush - User Guide

Listening to music explode in slow motion. Sound shrapnel piercing protective veils of consciousness. Macho Blush resides inside the foxhole, plunging the classic T handled detonator. The title of her new release, User Guide is amusingly ironic. For the less than one percent who read, write or speak the language these tracks are written in, the assembly and control will be a cinch. Remaining listeners will be pleasantly astonished by sounds traveling in more than three dimensions.

Once this aural incendiary device discharges, thoughts will be strewn into bits and pieces. Chunky oddities, stuck in the nooks and crannies of the mind. Forcing a mental clean up crew of sorts, to sweep the area and try to make sense of what has happened. An infinite amount of sonic fragments dispersed across a world of listeners. Each hearing a slightly different tune. Some are pulled into the mesmerizing chant like whispers of Gina Probst. Others are driven away in fear of the swirling chaos. User Guide comes from an alternate reality and for some, the language barrier is to immense to overcome. These are purposefully shattered rhythms and sound samples. An abstract form of music constructed by a honed and unrestrained imagination.

Macho Blush makes my mind wander to the aspect of crazing in pottery. Most consider crazing as a glaze defect where a network of cracks and little lines appear in the glazed surface after firing. In Japan there is a small town called Hagi, where pottery has been made for many centuries. The pottery has come to be called Hagi Yaki and is well loved for its beautiful porous and crazed appearance. What some consider as imperfect others strive to achieve. This is the beauty of Gina Probst's creations and what the majority of the world will probably never understand.

Released on Tymbal Tapes in the October Batch. There are copies available and a very limited amount of batch bundles remaining. This is also the third attempt for Lost in a Sea of Sound at describing the indescribable Macho Blush. Here are links to previous efforts: Moodshow & Favorite Poems

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