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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mario D'Agostino - Creatures of Sea & Seashore

Had to follow up the Zach D'Agostino & Noa Ver Sea Moss cassette with Mario D'Agostino's tape from the UK titled Creatures of Sea & Seashore. Just Lost in a Sea of Sound operating with notice to synchronous aspects of the oceanic environment.

Mario D'Agostino is using lyrics by T.B. Bagenal's The Observer's Book of Sea Fishes and I.O. Evans publication The Observer's Book of Sea and Seashore. This might seem odd, readings from books, but this is a magical and completely melodic encounter. A true work of art both in music and presentation. These sounds provide a lesson in biological evolution and at times have a catchy pop jangle. I think "Single-Celled Animals" exemplifies Mario's talent for euphony in the sonic realm. "Porcelain Crabs" could alternate as a favorite as well. His cassettes are all beautifully individually crafted and there are only twenty five to start. About twenty percent remain which means, if you like this don't wait around.

Looking forward to hearing more sounds from Mario! 

Mario D'Agostino - bandcamp - soundcloud - twitter

Found this on Mario's soundcloud page