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Friday, November 10, 2017

Sasha Mishkin - Pastoral Breakfast

In some alternate dimension, Sasha Mishkin exists as a pixel amalgam of the classic composers. Organ played with a folk flamboyancy. Beautiful melodies lurking in hill top castles, dotted across eastern Europe. Promenading villagers, faces gleaming with warm smiles. Sasha's rhythmic cadence made even sweeter with beautiful voice. Everything swirling, sounds dispersing, only to reappear in new form and venue. Majestic music, floating through valleys with a timeless aroma of human sincerity.

Pastoral Breakfast is so uniquely refreshing. Around thirty six minutes of sounds you have heard before but never really heard. The first side is the Hegenberg Concerto, divided into three parts. No vocals, just mutating organ being played with a wide array of flavor. From cathedral to baseball park, Sasha has unlimited scope. This composition even connects with the vintage world of Sega games, think of Castle Vania or Altered Beasts. The second side seems to focus aural tethers and deliver a heritage of sound. Organ ambience drifting from dance to mutated drone. Soft voice accompanying both joyous and somber passages. Pastoral Breakfast breaks through all thoughts and strengthens any listeners love of music.

This cassette was released on the Cosmic Winnetou lable from Stuttgart, Germany. In less than a month, all seventy hand numbered copies of sold out from the label. Fortunately you can purchase a copy from Sasha Mishkin on his bandcamp page here. Do not wait to long, probably only a handful remaining. 

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud
Sasha Mishkin - bandcamp - facebook