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Monday, November 6, 2017

Scott Tuma - No Greener Grass

The spirit needs a place to rest, a harbor to recharge lost energy. Music has the quality to accomplish this, warming the soul; like a long burning fire in a stone hearth; the large dog sleeping near the door waiting for their friend; the oven casting fragrant aromas of a families long prepared recipes; loved ones assembled ready to listen, their sparkling eyes filled with genuineness; Scott Tuma playing guitar into the night, like he always has. Melodies like woven threads, bestowing serenity, making consciousnesses part of something bigger. These sounds are truth, the essence binding us together, an unembellished montage of the experiences all live.

Put your hands on this music and close your eyes. The energy travels from massive roots deep beneath the ground to tiny leaves reaching out into the atmosphere. No Greener Grass spans time worn decades, like the tree, existing in multiple mediums all at once. Twenty five tracks making up a double vinyl offering. Remarkable patience, glacial folk passages oscillating from Takoma fundamentalism to spiritual etherealism of an Inner Islands release.

No Greener Grass reaches deep into the personal essence of Scott Tuma. Their is both confidence and frailty cycling through this immense body of work. Well built guitar picking disintegrating into rattling oddities left in the empty shells of past lives. Tracks like "Miss You", "Miss Me?" and "Chrissy's Home" introduce diaphanous vocals and with the considerable size of this release, the few songs with words flickering as if they were not even there.

Released on the Dismal Niche label from Columbia, Missouri. This is the label's first double vinyl release of only small handful of records so far. One of the more recent releases by Scott Tuma was a split lp with Nevada Greene. Lost in a Sea of Sound described this release here. This was on the Hitt Records label who works closely with Dismal Niche. You can purchase both No Greener Grass and the Scott Tuma/Nevad Greene split lp from the Dismal Niche bandcamp page, being offered as a bundle.

Dismal Niche site - facebook - bandcamp

After listening to No Greener Grass, this movie kept fluctuating in thought. Maybe it was the similarity in titles, but more, the true wholesome experience of both.