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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sea Moss - Bread Bored

Sea Moss is dribbling a medicine ball on my brain and laughing during the process. An ear wax dissolving sonic incursion, only slowing down for bunker busting rhythms obliterating any remaining thoughts. Interesting is the title "Bread Bored". Not sure how the subject of bread mixes with tracks like "Wanna Sea a Trick?" and "Sea Section". If you were bred bored, there is good reason compositions would sound like this. An antithesis to anything placid. Brings to mind the band The Boredoms mixed under the depths with Scratch Acid, voila Sea Moss.

Zach D'Agostino is the musician continually punching you with ear piercing percussion. Noa Ver tracks electronics and delivers pressure compressed vocals, like directing an intersection on the ocean floor. Together these are the two pure forces behind Sea Moss. Lurking beneath the turbulent chaos are some extraordinary grooves. They seem to lap the edges of the tracks, becoming clear then submerging again with each tidal segment. Ten forays in just under a half hour, D'Agostino and Ver in an upheaval of perfect synchronization. By the time the project gets to the track "Fine Dining",  it's time to pull this underwater gondola up, the experiment has radically mutated.

Released on the label Crash Symbols in October. One hundred and fifty cassettes now down to less than ten. If your consciousness can handle the crushing weight of an ocean of Sea Moss, get above this now because these tapes will be gone soon.

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