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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunmoonstar - Rainbow Springs

A turning cylinder with nipples spaced in a pattern, causing small leaf like prongs to resonate. This is the base for a time worn music box. Sunmoonstar plays like this, but so incredibly advanced. When the lid is lifted an entire world is heard. Gone are the rudimentary mechanical devices, replaced by a mystical technology hidden beneath the confines of the enclosure. A vastly organic sparkling of sound. An ambient playground for nature bestowing it's hidden Rainbow Springs.

Listen closer, Sunmoonstar has channeled the harmony of detailed moments as the world speeds by in hectic duties to perform. Rainbow Springs is real. Just forty five miles from Gainesville, Florida where this aural conduit to nature has opened up. Crystal blue waters covering craggy limestone formations, radiant sunlight causing the scene to dance. The coolness of the spring pulling heat worn souls into it's depths. This composition seems to mirror the compelling reasons of nature's centering ability. The first half of this cassette, divided into five tracks, a playful frolic in an ambient atmosphere. The second side, consist solely of the title track, Rainbow Springs. An idealistic immersion into a heavier molecular medium. Consciousness seems to shrink, leaving only the focal point of the moment.

Sunmoonstar has been around for a while. This is the first release with Inner Islands and it would seem this was a predestined fate. Both Inner Islands and Sunmoonstar, live in a world where music touches the spiritual aspects of physical existence. Keep in mind, most physical releases from Inner Islands sell out, and Rainbow Springs is in the label's Autumn Equinox Batch. Also, Sunmoonstar has another new cassette release on Sounds Of The Dawn titled The Great Barrier Reef. Another great label and worth checking out.

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