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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thomas Grenzebach - Aleph/Twin

The lines of music and drone are blurring together. Thomas Grenzebach has complete control spreading your consciousness across four dimensional space. Grandiose in sheer subtle heaviness, but some how this composition floats across the sonic spectrum. An infusion of harmonic patterns into a heavy medium of compressed molecular sound. Drone music calling out into the ambient world of electronic haze. Echoes of mutated rhythms returned across infinite space, like the movement of galaxies across the universal void.

Thomas Grenzebach has two releases on this cassette. Aleph which appeared in January of this year, followed by Twin being released in April. Both EPs were compiled together to create one incredible cassette. Released by Cruel Bones in August. The total running time is around a hour and the the two EPs together are completely seamless and fluid. Thomas finds beauty in the bleakness of an industrial world. Having the essence of droning and clamorous mechanical processes, Aleph and Twin elicit only enchantment. Tranquilizing waves of sound extracted from civilization's automation. Expertly composed with experience, skill and patience.

Be sure and take note of how many of these cassettes were made, only thirty. Currently they are available from the Cruel Bones website and from Thomas Grenzebach's bandcamp page. I looked to see if there were any other words out there for this release, found a nice post on Archaic Triad. Aleph/Twin will be gone in physical form very soon.

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