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Monday, December 4, 2017

Charles Barabé & Ratkiller - Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique / Transrational Suite

Another complete beast of a release to describe. Musicians like Charles Barabé & Ratkiller are looking back at the Earth from some infinite vantage point. Listeners like insects with no understanding of the musical creativity looking down upon us. This split titled Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique / Transrational Suite, do i need to even write more?

There are really fantastic connections between the Charles Barabé side and the Ratkiller reverse. Both have a underlying current of The Baroque. A wide array of instrumentation producing both playfulness and tension. Dramatic pirouettes of sound rotating on precarious foundations.

Avant​-​Garde Avorton Romantique by Charles Barabé is like a modern day Carl Stalling composition, describing a vibrant world with complex sounds. This music fires like an animated V16 Cadillac Series 452 engine. The cut away showing the vast array of parts working together and as the image zooms in, details of tiny android like beings all performing their individual tasks to make the motor run. In my meager attempt to compare, Penguin Cafe Orchestra replaced with with eyeball heads wearing top hats.

Transrational Suite by Ratkiller is a reflection of sound from side A that seems to travel below the water surface. More subtle and dense, but like the first side with both exuberance and drama. This music expands into unknown worlds, retrieving information yet to be understood. The longest track of the cassette, "An Attempted Dialogue Between Man and Fish", is a telling mark of  Ratkiller's ability to connect the space between nostalgic beauty and the murky depths.

Released on Crash Symbols this October in a limited edition of one hundred. Down to three copies remaining as this is written. Both sides beautiful and haunting simultaneously. A cassette that sinks in over many listens.                                     

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