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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dane Rousay - Anatomize

A pattern of sound meandering off the trail, now fighting through thick underbrush. Each chop of the machete clearing another few feet to travel forward. Patience and fortitude are needed to continue on. Fortunately Dane Rousay is blazing the path for us. Going in a direction where music is only a series of sounds and repetitive noise is a beauty of form. There are no predecessors on this journey. The direction Dane has taken follows all of the particles in a slow motion explosion, the entire aural field has been covered with single tones of flavor.

Anatomize is the title to this eight track compact disc. This is a great description of Dane Rousay's creativity as well. Examining the smallest details of the constructs of the consciousness. These tiny elements are truly the only way to understand the massive composition. Listening to fractured segments of thought is a startling awakening. The fact individuals have the equilibrium to mentally compose this sonic landscape and summon it forth in a fashionable medium for others to experience, is utterly amazing. From ancient rhythmic patterns and processes to the most mundane clattering of household noise, Dane channels a monastic monk who found sacrifice in the every night ritual of cleaning the eating table. This flickering conduit provides moments of sonic acuity and rhythmic chaos simultaneously.

Anatomize was released in the middle of this year on Kendra Steiner Editions, a label from San Antonio, Texas. Shortly before Anatomize, Dane Rousay released Blip on cassette. This tape was described on Lost in a Sea of Sound back in June of this year, here.

Please take a look a this article on Kendra Steiner Editions and the couple that runs the label Bill Shute and Mary Anne Bernal. Giving the label some context, Anatomize is #373 on the over ten year old label.

Could not find a sample of this so put track three on my soundcloud page.

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