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Friday, December 1, 2017

Imbue - Ghost Stories

Music has a way of conveying emotion. No words needed to be said, just elongated sounds rumbling across the space time freely gives. The tones here have laid dead, but somehow now channeled to our current continuum by a mysterious connection to the spiritual void. Imbue has locked in and uncovered this hidden pulsating resonance. Pulled back from a future where brightness has dimmed and fragments of the past are thrown asunder. Ghost Stories holds no allegiance to chronological order, future dead is the same as past dead. 

Like a maelstrom of music genres listened to as a black and white negative, there is a stark and unsettling quality to these tracks. Nine total with guests Sobright, iAlive & Carl Kavorkian and Cop Funeral featured on a third of them. A swirling, droning cacophony coming into hearing focus with an undercurrent of heavy bass and crisp percussion. These mutations approach the listening current of mainstream recognition, but are quickly disintegrated as the listening experience moves on. The title track is divided into two parts with iAlive & Carl Kavorkian adding the only true vocals on Ghost Stories Pt. 1, a menacing rap running from the search light of conformity. Imbue crosses energy currents and fries the spiritual conduit. Leaving a listening mass of solemn beats and echoes reaching into nebulous space. Ghost Stories is a breathing emotional integrity with just the right amount of twisted knurls.

Another release beyond categorization from  Already Dead Tapes and Records. In an edition of one hundred hand numbered cassettes. This entered the world in October and copies are currently available.


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