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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Inner Travels - Sea of Leaves

Inner Travels arrives again with the ninety nine percent pure ambient serenity. Just under and hour, electronics in a massive galactic centrifuge pasting the rim of felicity. Promoting a placid peacefulness, Sea of Leaves flirts with the construct of conscientiousness, brainwaves in a similar sine pattern to life itself. Seven tracks flowing gracefully together, but with subtle diversity as different tonal paths are taken. Another shimmering oasis for weary souls, fortunately this one is so real.

Going back and peeking at the Inner Travels discography on the useful discogs site, was very telling. Of the ten releases (just what was on discogs) since 2014, most everything is gone. Not even the single high priced individual used copy. To be totally accurate there are a couple of the Phinery label release Bakasyiong, but beyond that.... There is this gorgeous composition on Inner Islands in an edition of one hundred. Not sure what the count is now, but from the number of little supported by squares on bandcamp, the availability of Sea of Leaves is definitely dwindling. There is also one release, a split with Electric Sound Bath surfacing in October on the new label Aural Canyon. The first edition of fifty sold out but a second edition of fifty is now available. The point to this, Inner Islands is connecting with the current of worldly consciousness, a flow disappearing in all directions over the horizon of time.

Saving the best for last, Deep Sea Sojourn flips all the neurons in the brain. This is the last track of the cassette and the longest. Standing out with a different tone from the rest of the composition, this aural undertow pulls away the tension. A grounding foundation to everyday existence. A beautiful final track for another edition of Inner Travels wavelengths.

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