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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lord Toru - Heavy My Halo

Lord Toru materializes from a temporal anomaly delivering mystifying sounds. A faint line connecting a decade of eighties sounds ending in an acute angle. The line's final extension travels into a hazy continuum harboring a collective of articulate souls. Voices combine making one, with a shadowy timber where all can be heard. Ghostly lyrics hovering above slowly paced electronic beats. Heavy My Halo is a true apparition of a fiery sonic being.

Information for the exact incantation for Lord Toru is elusive. There is the beginning before becoming a Lord, when this deity was only known only as Toru. Captured on a cassette releases simply titled Toru back in 2015. In the two years that passed, the droning ambient beats have become much more focused and re-materialized as Lord Toru. This new form, edges more defined and message searingly exact, haunts from past sounds. Thoughts wander to Cabaret Voltaire in a macabre dance with Swans.

Heavy My Halo captured in September of this year and released by Lord Toru himself. Copies are available from the bandcamp page.

Lord Toru - bandcamp - soundcloud - twitter