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Monday, December 11, 2017

Ryan Kayhart - Dead Flower People

Ryan Kayhart thinks in different wavelengths. His new cassette titled Dead Flower People, an aurally displayed cross section of mutated thoughts and patterns. The entire mental anomaly seemingly recorded on a wobbly reel to reel machine. Pop music left alone too long, like a millennia, now evolved  into the unrefined aura emanating from the glowing life forms hovering just above the radiated ground. Ryan traveled back through time, maybe for a chili and a frosty, oh... and to leave us a sample of the future.

So many sounds to hear. Each track of Dead Flower People spiritually summoning a myriad of genres and styles. Altered realities trapped in ten miniature urns, each holding prismatic colored ashes that float when the lids are opened. Don't investigate two tracks at once, a possible violent reaction can occur, like anti matter mixing with matter. Listen to Dead Flower People in the the sequence provided, never playing two tapes simultaneously. This is from personal experience. When listening to the cassette, made the mistake of clicking play on the digital version. The ground ripped open, warm air forcing oddly shaped inflated grub worms to pour out. Grabbing hold, the colony of jumbo insects moved hastily towards a pulsating low frequency harmonic oracle. This ritual seemed ancient. A bearded figure playing an unfamiliar flute like instrument pausing to sing in ritualistic tones, the other worldly insects diving and passing through the flickering dimensional being then somehow phasing out of existence.

Ryan Kayhart playing pop music with out the p's. Only a circle, the middle, a hub gathering and disseminating sounds. A playing card clicking against the sonic spokes as the wheel slowly revolves in a timeless existence. Youthful playfulness exponentially unbounded, jumping the ramp between dimensions.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in August. This is currently available from the label's site. Totally deserving multiple listens. A complex composition looking like a math equation equaling a smiley face wearing headphones.

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