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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Solid Waste - Visions

Solid Waste is back with Dismal Niche for an incredible sounding vinyl release. In this edition, the ambient sunrise pulling on tethers the night holds firmly. Musical genres lining up in a parallel formation. Discarded eighties new wave reshaped and honed to healing crystal vibrations. Real rhythms, emanating from small pockets around the world, gliding with new harmonic purpose. Solid Waste channeling cosmic connections and creating a sonic heavy.

Nate, Josh and Mario are the tightly woven force. The five tracks on this record sparkle with a purity in iconic splendor. Each piece a grandiose vignette. Separate cinema soundtracks all joining forces for a marathon in savory styles. Starting of with the longest track, Kühle Flōte, Solid Waste reveals what they are all about. Almost meditative ambiance changing a gear into a night cruise on the Autobahn. Subsequent tracks seem to follow a similar pattern, primal beginnings, blossoming into a pageantry of synthesizer grooves. My Vision for a Tropical Contact High, cruising late with Crockett and Tubbs in Miami... With such rich and well crafted melodies, this composition will easily connect with many experiences in listener's lives.

A second Solid Waste release for the Dismal Niche label. Stands to reason since both the label and artists are what it is all about. The Solid Waste cassette, Long Slow Dream is still available from the label and also had some descriptive words written here by Lost In A Sea Of Sound. In the two years between these releases, Solid Waste has been working hard. You can tell when Visions is playing. Fully deserving the nice vinyl with well done jackets.

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