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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Eargoggle - The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel

The Eargoggle has been stumbling through the tape deck for a while now. There is so much in this composition, from moments of sweet grooved out rhythms turning into a narrow alley of rusty protruding pop hooks. It is easy to loose yourself in The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel and this is good. A vast amount of incredible musical arrangements is needed to equal the thought filled lyrics filling every track. So much to hear, the first listen is overwhelming, like some one just spilling there life out in a chance meeting. Digest, press play again, absorb the subtlety of the extremely talented Eargoggle.

Connecting with Ezra Gales sound is substantial task. Have you ever fiddled with one of those four digit combination locks. Turning each tumbler, usually difficult to spin because of grip or tension. Finally the numbers line up and the lock is still stuck. You have to compress it before it releases. The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel reminds me of opening one of these locks. Ezra has so many changes, tempo, style and feelings, each track another turn, each track has to catch. The lyrics are delivered in arrays that fit precisely and also seemed crammed into place. This is real not polished. This is the sticky lock that plagues your attention to get open. What it holds inside is well worth the time. How ever long it takes, unlatch this one into your consciousness.

There are definitely connections to a swath of artists and albums from my own experiences. Each track seems to tether back, making me think how accomplished Ezra is. The staggering fact, The Eargoggle is at the level of many well known modern artist yet virtually unknown outside of a small sphere. And without being lost in the descriptive ramblings, make note, Ezra plays a wicked bass.

This was released on the Very Special Recordings label based in Brooklyn, New York. From the label's 2015 start, The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel is the twelfth composition. The Eargoggle should get your full attention.

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