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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Hell Hole Store (Darko the Super & iAlive) - Return to the Hell Hole Store

The distance music has traveled... from roots in beatnik poetry recited to stand up bass, over a thirty-year hip hop orbital decay, now arriving at the Return to the Hell Hole Store. Incredibly well thought lyrics conveyed with the best grooves and beats. Poetry again, wit and playfulness with keen observation to both modern day issues and pop culture. This massive fourteen track composition is a complete parallax in sound. Serious beats dispatched with comic observations on the world around us. Hearing heavy but listening light, Darko the Super and iAlive are like the dancing fountains of Burj Khalifa in UAB. A whimsical sparkling surface built on ingenious complex substructure.

Darko the Super and iAlive work seamlessly together. The Return to the Hell Hole Store uses every variation in vocal delivery. Lyrical strafing delivered by duel .50 caliber M2/AN Browning machine guns, single firing or simultaneous blasts. The beats vary from raw formed unprocessed foundations to smoothly grooved gems, like they were produced by Easy Mo Bee himself. The composition is more like a showcase, so many aces you think the sounds are rigged. Just poker-faced gamesmanship played by skilled artists. Immense variations throughout the assortment of tracks causing loss of space and time. Listening again, the only way to begin the process of comprehending how much went into making this. Missed out on the first Hell Hole Store cassette in 2016, very pleased to begin finding out how good this combination of artist is.

Released by Already Dead Tapes and Records in the middle of the year. One hundred in this edition with copies currently available. The first Hell Hole Store tape has sold out, but the Return is equally as good and a great place to start.

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