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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Valle de Galgos - El Domo Spitzerwelt

The transfer of energy across a multitude of mediums is a relatively silent affair. For example, even though the sun creates noise, sound can not travel across the vacuum of space. Scientist can recreate these sounds using satellites like the Transition Region And Coronal Explorer. They have turned visible vibrations into sonic form and time lapsed the process. What does this sound like? There is a debate concerning the resemblance to the ancient Hindu Om mantra.

Let's connect Valle de Galgos who are Atilio Sanchez and Pablo Picco, to the recreation of the hidden sounds of energy. In this beautiful composition titled El Domo Spitzerwelt, harmonium, electronics, voice and field recordings are used with tethers to an ancient and spiritual tone. The example of a star's noise could easily be transferred to the energy flow within the mind of every living being. Valle de Galgos has ushered this internal radiance to the surface. A droning epic filled with scattered diversity, much like the Helios eruptions heard in the reproduction of the noise from space. A base of breathing harmonium, supporting a eddy filled current of both mundane and mysterious manifestations. With the skillful and experienced abilities of Atilio and Pablo, transfering internal feelings and emotions into sound, modern drone music is steadily approaching classic Indian ragas. Replace the harmonium with a tanpura, synthesizer for sarangi and recordings like El Domo Spitzerwelt provide continuity of all energy and its dimensional emanation.

If you have read this, listened to the music and are interested, do not wait! As this is posted, there is only one cassette remaining from Tymbal Tapes. In fact, the label has sold out pretty much everything. With cassette runs of fifty to seventy five, this is worthy notch to carve out. Awesome 2017 Tymbal Tapes, Thank You!

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