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Thursday, January 25, 2018

BICIKL - Chertamy I Ryazamy

This release is from a little while back, but is still available on cassette and well worth checking out. BICIKL was established in Belgrade in 2008. Harbor Tévas and Vyrash Karunos started sessions where they encouraged anyone to join and play with them. They grew in members, played live shows, lost people and added more. Like a bus rolling through time, everyone playing and enjoying the ride, some stops people get on or off. This cassette, Chertamy I Ryazamy was released by The Centipede Farm label in 2016. In an edition of one hundred copies, taking us to now.

Nine tracks divided across roughly forty five minutes of worldly experience. A rich woven fabric of sonic anomalies held firmly in place with solid rhythms. Some samples, sinuous electronics, strings, horns, bells and drums, BICIKL lays out a huge assortment of aural armament. The most striking note, everything is perfectly delivered. The recipe for this composition has been developed overs years of practice. The sounds delivering harmonic aromas any listener will enjoy crossing paths with. There is much to hear, connections to music genres are plentiful, but BICIKL has it's own agenda. Sometimes these sonic waves meander like images in a dream, but the entire time, Chertamy I Ryazamy is a sleeping groove monster.

Very happy to describe this and have it still available. Pick a copy up from the Centipede Farmer.


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