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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Channelers - Slow Leaf Spell

Channelers mixing with my consciousness again. Sustained tones gliding down, flying in formation with my thoughts. Have i departed the physical world for the ethereal or has the higher plane of existence come to me? Slow Leaf Spells seams to live in the invisible world, where the material construct fades as unseen energy surges with love.

Released in September by Inner Islands. Slow Leaf Spell was one of three very beautiful compositions in the last batch by the label. The other batch mates, Rainbow Springs by Sunmoonstar and Sea of Leaves by Inner Travels where previously described here on Lost in a Sea of Sound. Is the best saved for last? These three releases are very unique and not alike. They all possess meditative qualities, but achieve this in their own accord. Slow Leaf Spell could be the most tranquil of the batch. That is a tough milestone to reach when other Inner Islands releases are in play.

The four tracks are over all to fast. Listen again and again as thoughts dissolve into their primal origins. All three releases are currently available from the label. 

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