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Friday, January 5, 2018

Dry Valleys - Music for Cosmic Nights

These sounds seep into the consciousness like the ritualistic energy within the sweat lodge. Pressing play, equivalent to a sonic bath of timeless notes flowing through the mind. Ambient stasis held in place by a heavy molecular sea of drone. Music for Cosmic Nights is the glowing galactic fire seen across the universal expanse. The vast emptiness exposing infinite warmth, a primal harmony initializing the most meditative state.

From a small amount of internet research, it could be said Dry Valleys has returned from a lengthy sleep with a physical release. Seventy copies were curated by the German label Cosmic Winnetou. These cassettes disappearing so quickly, was fortunate to obtain a copy. Generally Lost in a Sea of Sound tries to describe releases still available for purchase. Many 2017 releases exploded out of label inventories before they were known to even exist. Like Music for Cosmic Nights and another release described a couple posts ago, Yves Malone's Boneblack on Tymbal Tapes. For a flickering project like Dry Valleys, with very few full length editions (many splits and comps), this Cosmic Winnetou release was a real treat. The music within, a massive heavy for the classic drone sound of the cassette culture return.

Fortunately Music for Cosmic Nights is available through bandcamp, spotify and itunes. Take the time and listen from start to finish. Dry Valleys is a project that immensely deserves a full journey.

*** Just received this link for a few more physical copies of Music for Cosmic Nights through Sacred Phrases label site. HERE cool!

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud
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