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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Horaflora / Scy1e - Body Lag / Craedle Calls

Horaflora breathes sounds from the urban waste. Clickity hiss, sizzle and strum, poppity crash, your brain is numb. Can't this sonic montage be quiet for just one second? I need to think again... Raub Roy, weren't you a highlander, an outlaw? Oh... Sorry that is Rob... spelling ya know. But maybe Raub, you are a noise marauder. Stealing defenseless sounds when ever possible. Thankfully, like Robin Hood, you give them to needy minds, like this one. My understanding has grown with listening to Body Lag. What was once only noise has somehow begin to fuse together. So many details, i sit and listen with a blank stare. There are connections, binding elements from start to finish. An audio description of some disjuncture in wavelength upheaval. I am still afraid though.

Hold on Raub, you are Scy1e too? Thought this cassette was going to balance out with a drone side. My defenses are down, Horaflora gave me an aural rufie, please don't let Scy1e violate my consciousness. I am counting on you..... To late, it was all a set up. Craedle Calls is a sputnik party line. I can't describe anything right now, too much orbital debris in my inner space. The threat level has gone down though. Craedle Calls has full sonic obscurity but seems slightly less menacing than Body Lag. There is a root clarity to the sounds. Frogs patiently hopping in a planetary sized pond, never two on one lily pad at once. This is how Scy1e sounds, infinite movement at the smallest level, a casual glance or listen would only see or hear one thing. Although to really hear this, i think have cross ears now, are they going to stay that way?

There was a band or project from San Francisco called Caroliner. Horaflora and Scy1e reminded me of them. Maybe it was just because they are in the same area. But more so how they tackle the world of aural imagery they reside in. I listened to a Caroliner album after this. Amazing what twenty plus years does for audio quality and sonic clarity. And the depth of noise, Horaflora and Scy1e somehow play under many fathoms of crystal clear water, where Caroliner had punk fuzz mixed like dirty brine.

This cassette is the artists edition of a previously released Phinery Tapes edition (sold out). Raub's version looks completely different but encapsulates the same line up of sounds. Don't wait long, of the one hundred artists editions done, only about fifteen copies remain as this is written.

When the tape is not playing, the world seems blank now.

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