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Sunday, January 14, 2018

John Freidel - Entrancer

As the night creeps in and the distinction of vision starts to wain, sounds loose their point of recognition. The world tilts slightly towards mystery, normality always in question. John Freidel has created a recorded conduit, allowing listeners to explore the electronic cemetery. Each track another grave site of experiences, flowing with as much beauty as it can muster. This is still mildly foreboding, but the trance like qualities keep ears transfixed and consciousnesses connected.

Entrancer is a behemoth of tunes on the verge of suspense and terror. The are moments crossing this boundary, but much of the time is spent listening in from the perimeter. Ten tracks clocking in around forty five minutes in length. The entire composition smoothly transitions from vintage music boxes to hazy beach side boardwalks. All twisted and joined together in some late seventies science fiction classic. Ghosts, aliens, government agents or deranged killers, theses sounds are the canvas for any number of tales. I have a comparison in mind but will refrain from using it. In a previous post, my last effort to compare was met with dismay... Entrancer is a classic, these sounds could be from past, present or future. A world where fact and fiction bend into a prismatic vortex, emitting harmonic vibrations like Pied Piper's flute.

John Freidel released this on his own. Not sure how many editions he made, but they are currently available through his bandcamp page. Entrancer is solid from start to finish and John Freidel gets praise for this composition of sublime beauty.

John Freidel - bandcamp - facebook