Quickly Sold Out


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mezzanine Swimmers - Black Cat in Heat

This is the first 2018 release described for Lost in a Sea of Sound. The year is starting off with some excellent sounds from Mezzanine Swimmers. Thank you Already Dead Tapes and Records & Fire Talk for such a cool start to this year.

Black Cat in Heat has no ties to genres or styles. Mike Green's project as Mezzanine Swimmers is a  fresh pulled dirty radish from the garden. Bright and vibrant tunes, glistening with the dense moisture of current civilization. Once consciously consumed the pungency of swirling sonic forms fires straight to the cortex. Mike Green has cultivated his own variety of resonance. Melodies crossing the creek on genre stones, touching one, then two, then none. Sing along, be destroyed and rebuilt, the dynamics are solid and substantial. Before you can describe this fluent motion, Mezzanine Swimmers is playing somewhere else. An action shot could be taken and recounted, but Black Cat in Heat is a mysterious creature. The good thing is, you will want this release to cross your path.

This is Mezzanine Swimmers second release on Already Dead Tapes and Records. A 2013 release titled Cougar Opaque preceded Black Cat in Heat, but has been long sold out. So here is the big chance.... This release is scheduled to go out near the end of this week. You can pre-order now and be one hundred percent sure this destined to be sold out tape will have a new home. Already Dead knows this will go fast, Black Cat in Heat has been co-released with Fire Talk. Together these two labels have combined for one hundred cassettes and three hundred lps, the tapes always seem to go first.

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