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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Namo - The Neanderthal Is Running Scared

O man you put those funky looking rhythms in the grooves again. Now everything is bumping around in the brain. These are the melodies that should be in every ones heads. Recipes for the mind to transition, from a world making less sense to growing expanding consciousnesses. The only refuge from video insanity, unlocking the hereditary patterns within us. Like soluble fiber, these beats attract thoughts and will need full attention to digest. O man your making me flip the tape, i got to go deeper into the jungle, searching for the tribal cooking pot.

The Neanderthal Is Running Scared is the second cassette by Namo described on Lost in a Sea of Sound. The first, was just shy of a year ago titled Only Human... Only Machine. Where is Namo now? Daily life on the planet has cooked his rhythms. This newest release has more moments of steady paced structure. When wearing the those bulky radiation suits, eventually you start to slow down . The body and mind trading work loads and this shows in the The Neanderthal Is Running Scared. All the effort to get the bunker door closed, once inside time slows down. Beautiful reflections like "Gandhi Goes Aggro", as i got to this sentence, the track kicked in on cue. Hip hop popping bubbles in the tar pit, slow and dense. Planetary crisscross from India then back to the jazz club. O man synchronicity is yours to wield, in splendid sonic flames. You did all this just on side A.

Side B is played in the red lit rooms. Power is down and the daily burn has crept through the protective barriers. Samples of whispering vocals delivered across patient beats. PA announcements muffled and garbled as sleep is on the other end of the conscious teeter totter. O man i like this side B of you. My ears are open and i can here the places you have been, maybe even where you are from. That is presumptuous though, maybe next time around. "Slower G Notes" is such a nice goodbye for now.

Release on Dystopian Caveman out of Long Beach, California. Not sure what the count is on The Neanderthal Is Running Scared, but am positive tapes are currently available.

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