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Monday, January 1, 2018

Patrick Cosmos - Tonal Rotors

Tonal Rotors is a fascinating journey through the mind of Patrick Cosmos. Sounds, rhythms, beats and samples culled from a few years of planetary residence. The end product listens like a highly detailed ink maze. From first glance a singular beautiful object, as focus begins to discern the intricacy, the extensiveness of effort involved is more understood. With the magnitude of work presented here, listeners will surely find themselves lost, maybe the dog can lead them along. 

Twenty two tracks running course around the fifty minute mark. Patrick Cosmos taking form at the axis of the digital and analog continuum. Music randomly plotting in all directions, avoiding any true genre stamping. Longer tracks hiss as they are pulled into the pop sphere. Some tunes are assimilated with only mild contention and others escape to become nomadic sonic mutants. All reside here on Tonal Rotors and seem to cycle in presentation from foot tapping gems to buzzing psionic insects. The glaring standout listening observation... these sounds have solid grooves. 

Released on Big Sleep Records in the middle of last year. The first fifty spools were in green cassette shells, these sold out quickly. A second batch of fifty was produces in classic white, these are currently available. A little skeptical on pressing play and describing this one since it was not in the Tabs Out best 200 for the year, but i love dogs and could not resist. 

Favorite track of 2018 - The Better Parts of Space

Big Sleep Records - bandcamp
Patrick Cosmos - bandcamp