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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Peter Kris - Dutch Flat

Sometimes the sonic fibers and cosmic ebullition solidify to create a brain numbing aural substance. Energy ripping through a tranquil medium, the cognitive process spinning like a planet's rotation in solar orbit. Peter Kris delivers a massive sound in a beautiful small space. Like a music box opening up to reveal a tiny galaxy, infinite notes playing simultaneously creating harmonies never heard before. These sounds connect across primal origins, music seemingly so ancient. Harmony having always been and will always be, Dutch Flat is a recorded conduit to the sea of molecules we exist in.

I write this with a little bias towards Peter Kris. There is a quality to all of his music i am enthralled with. The patience and sparkling sparseness, creating sound imagery with gorgeous depth, a warm weight never heavy. Creative ingredients to exacted proportions, not sure this is a composition recipe but rather a unique ability. Dutch Flat is really solid and dense, planetary layers with the center still unexplored. Lost in a Sea of Sound has described two previous releases for Peter Kris; Rim of the World on Spring Break Tapes and Sprawl and Sky on A Giant Fern. Both of these were excellent but Dutch Flat might nudge them slightly to come in first. Maybe it is just Kris' sounds and the mood when listening, or possibly the aging process is producing sonic wisdom. Listen for yourself and decide.

A very recent release that is available now. You can purchase this from Patient Sounds using this link. Not exactly sure how many editions the label made. So do not wait. You might find one or two previous releases on bandcamp for sale, but others, like the Never Anything release titled Labrador are completely off the radar.

Peter Kris - German Army facebook
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