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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Public Speaking - Grace Upon Grace

The sound from Grace Upon Grace fits on the pages of a well read book. Unveiling itself, tracks like chapters, Jason Anthony Harris as Public Speaking sparks perceptive listeners with both carefully woven melodies and insightful lyrics. These songs are delivered with the most precarious tone. Innocence with an up welling of emotion, the tracks seem to slip back and forth between tenderness and angst. With tight harmonies filling every moment, the entire soundscape is gleamed and polished. There is no disjointedness, just vexing and chilled fields in accord.

This release has an interesting flip side, the same tracks with no vocals. The music on it's own seems to mildly jar the consciousness. With no voice, Grace Upon Grace plays like a rattling skeleton with out it's tendons. Jason's lyrics, even though coiled and always ready to strike, are the weight holding these tunes down. Without this balance, the melodies within this composition begin to tumble and break apart in fantastic slow motion. Both sides juxtaposed give listeners the introspection they will need to understand this complex en devour.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records, co-released with Floordoor Records, in October of 2017. This was in an edition of sixty. Being described just in time, because there are currently only four copies left at Already Dead. Public Speaking has cassette copies available as well as a compact disc version. Visit the bandcamp page for that option. Do not hesitate if you are interested, just get it and let these sounds grow with time.

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