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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Storm Ross / Shoto - Split

Storm Ross and Shoto combine their operatic rock powers delivering a short blast of earthly and ethereal guitar licks. One sub ten minute track from Storm Ross flipping to two Shoto pieces on the second side.

"I Wish I Could Have Known You" is the title of the Storm Ross track. Playing like a three part show, sounds move from the somber burial service then ascend to reaches in the afterlife. Cosmic strings rain through space showing the infinite pathways all souls can discover. Near the end, realization of the cyclic process takes hold and Storm Ross gathers acute introspective tones once again.

"Smoke Weed" and "Worship Nothing", the two Shoto offerings. These two titles together make their own metal dogma. And this is where Shoto heads, the dense core of heavy sonic foundations. Guitar strikes like a mighty sledge hammer, bass and drums pounding rhythms like some underworld machinery. Vocals soon direct this unseen operation as Earth's core becomes more obtainable.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in the middle of last year. This was the second description for Storm Ross, the first was also an Already Dead release and can be read here. There are a few copies of "Welcome, Sunshine" remaining, both on vinyl and cassette. For the Storm Ross / Shoto split described here, copies are available, but they are also in very limited number.

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