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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

vierzig skizzen - travels in public

The land has an unseen electronic atmosphere. Like a blanket covering vast distances, a droning warmth lies beneath. As with all aural coverings, how do the sounds balance? Too heavy, the sound becomes uncomfortable and smothering. Without weight at all, thoughts drift away into the ethereal dreamland. When in equilibrium, the result is vierzig skizzen.

Travels in public is over forty minutes of sustaining weathered ambient mistiness. Seven beautiful tracks, where the density is perfectly stabilized. Fantastic tones reaching out for consciousnesses to connect, while the rich humus of saturated drone provides foundations for all things living. As travels in public progresses through the composition, the sounds of strings and faint voices can be heard. Vierzig skizzen has lifted the haze just enough, letting the listener understand there is another level to these creations. The nearly opaque world eventually clears slightly, enough to discern human shaped figures in the breadth.

Residing in Kiel, Germany, Daniel Stuhr is the force behind vierzig skizzen. There is sure to be some heavy cloudy days over this western edge of the Baltic Sea. Possibly some of the tones within travels in public relate to these conditions. Released by Lily Tapes & Discs in Rochester, New York. This is a limited edition of sixty copies which are currently available. Physical copies probably will not last long.

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