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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Winterblood - I Signori Oscuri

Finding ambient tones bending like refracted light in prismatic crystal cavern. The quiet emptiness filled only with the drone of consciousness energy and singular thoughts ricocheting through the void. The world, seemingly moving so fast, yet time flows like an advancing glacier in I Signori Oscuri. Massive depth of sounds moved across a millennia, vibrant details shimmer in the aural weight.

When the patience of playing notes becomes so great, melodies drift in unobstructed. Landing on the sonic branches like birds resting from flight, the harmonies are both beautiful and foreign. I Signori Oscuri is composed with experience. Meditative qualities throughout, all cracking with hairline faults in a non fractal ambient dream. Six poised and balanced tracks reaching around the forty minute mark. Winterblood could be a sunless day on an extensive slice of frozen tundra, or possibly a hot spring continually carving unbelievable formations in the ice and snow. Somber tones giving way to playful splashes. Every listener will have their own journey into the light or dark, each well worth making this connection.

Released on the New York label Ephem-Aural in late November of last year, making I Signori Oscuri less than two months old. Not sure how many editions were created, but they are currently available from Ephem-Aural. Winterblood, is an Italian project with a vast discography, one reason this release sounds incredibly brilliant. Formed in 1996, there is much to hear and read on the bandcamp page

Ephem-Aural - bandcamp - facebook
Winterblood - bandcamp - facebook