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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Yves Malone - Boneblack

A tape escaping 2017 with little press, words or pictures. Lost in a Sea of Sound caught a few glimpses of Boneblack before it disappeared into last year.

Yves Malone took grip on the analog synthesizer and pounded it relentlessly. In a feverish orchestration, the most elusive and entrancing rhythms were released. Three tracks exemplifying the binding agents electronic sounds are capable of. Grooved out mysterious sound waves capable of overriding conscious protocols. Shadowy tones that sparkle when the aural weight is lifted. Delivering both nebulous tension and awakening thoughts simultaneously. Then there is the forth track titled Kill Kirk. This has a completely different vibe. Like Yves was channeling the animated version of Augustus Pablo in Scooby Doo and the Kingston Space Port Mystery.

 Boneblack was released by Tymbal Tapes in the first half of the year before this one. These words and photos hopefully serve as a reminder, there are many tapes that did not get attention. Leaving their label homes to find caring new owners in an undisclosed world. These movements so quick, we are left only with their digital footprints. O_O   

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Yves Malone site - facebook - bandcamp