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Friday, January 19, 2018

Yves Malone / Grapefruit

A sphere of sinuous synthesizer reaching an infinite expanding spectrum. Yves Malone channeling the origins of synth and adding the weight most of it lacked in it's conception. Grapefruit lifting off and connecting the stars to earthly sounds. Together, this split cassette on the Jakarta label Tandem Tapes, is gorgeously balanced. Both artists offering energy from worlds we knew and will know.

The Yves Malone side is two tracks clocking in around fifteen minutes. These tones revolve like opposite charged ends of a magnet, playful and serious, heavy and light, introspective and just completely carefree. Mr. Malone is in full charge and drives this sonic wagon with a Cheshire smile. The two tracks are an adventure from start to finish with a reminiscence of things we have heard and a shaken aural tonic of a future to one day be here. Rich complexity in Yves electronic weaving.

Flip the tape and Grapefruit throws three more tracks at your consciousness. Penetrating notes emerging from a droning planet sized sea. Both sides of the mind quickly controlled, Grapefruit has assumed cerebral up link. The pulsating electronic signals amplified to operatic decibels. Composed for royalty then lost in times obscurity. The future will reveal these beautiful patterns but wonder will always accompany them.

Twenty five copies on Jakarta's Tandem Tapes. With a mid November release date, two months have whittled the small pile down to three remaining. Don't hesitate at all. A rare split tape for both of these artists on a label that deserves a very close listen.

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