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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Alien Trilogy - Snake Trader

Like fish pulled from the water to be inspected, thrown back or saved for eating, Alien Trilogy has yanked listeners from the ambient wash. Consciousnesses pumped full of mutated punk rhythms. These musicians talk and laugh, swilling cold drinks, while the fate of each Snake Trader listener is held in their sonic sights. As these tunes unfold, those who keep listening, struggle uncomfortably and then eventual settle into a numb and motionless state.

Snake Trader cruises the lanes sideswiping the world around it. Windows down, Alien Trilogy can be seen inside, heads nodding with menacing grins devouring any in their path. Ten tracks, at blazing fast and disruptive speeds, finished within just over a third of an hour. Deep resonating base, resuscitated by pounding drums and electric angular guitar. The lyrics and vocals cross all streets arriving in every fashion. The track "Wickeder City" is a great twisted turn. A short sci-fi horror story on futuristic business dealings described with perfect detail. This track is also a good marker on how much there really is to hear on Snake Trader. Repeated listens will be needed and beneficial to understand how tightly complex this composition is.

Releases on  Already Dead Tapes and Records in January of this year. In an edition of one hundred, copies are currently available from the label.

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