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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Christophe Bailleau & Pulse Emitter - Gaz Giant

Cyclopean sound waves swarmed by bantam notes. This is not a sonic battle in the cosmos but rather a pre-primordial interaction between majestic forces. The formation of solar systems or a huge stone thrown in a flowing river, disturbances are massive and the affects ripple with diminishing qualities over the flow of time. But for now, when molecules are in upheaval, there is a chance to listen. Aural heaviness suspended in a harmonic plane, slowly spinning while emitting undiscovered beauty.

Christophe Bailleau and Daryl Groetsch as Pulse Emitter are the duo creating these noble sounds. Just under forty minutes in a system of eight orbiting tracks. Sonic pulses elongated across time, leaving sparkling residue as they pass through the conscious focal point. Like surface eruptions on the sun, from earthly distance they are irregularities of beauty. Gaz Giant feels like this, listeners at comfortable distances from the ebullition of combined imaginations. Christophe and Daryl propelling each other across infinite voids, complex sonic mechanisms overwhelming any in close proximity. If you train your ears to hear into the depths, a faint hint of mechanical rhythms can be detected. Maybe this is the hidden connection endearing these other worldly sounds to our thoughts.

Released on Sacred Phrases at the beginning of the year. The label started with one hundred copies. Not sure how many remain at this point, but Sacred Phrases does sell out releases on a regular basis.
Beautiful artwork and cassette presentation, this will not be around in physical form for very long.

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