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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Field Recordings from the Sahel - Sahel Sounds

Sounds describing the beautiful richness of life. An amazing relationship between people and the land they live in is documented in these diverse field recordings. Received from the edge of one of the harshest environments on the planet, delicate tones bringing subtle essence. Songs and melodies surviving generations, old and new sounds mixed in a tangled weave, all stretching across a circular horizon of time. 

Field Recordings from the Sahel is a compilation of recordings made by Christopher Kirkley between 2009 and 2012. The first quarter of the cassette are sounds from select locations in Mauritania. The remaining three quarters of the tape are from areas around Mali. Massive in both length and scope. Prayer calls, children playing, radios, animals, singing, drumming and even tapes being played, this collection of field recordings varies immensely but magically stays warm and intimate. The curated selections by Christopher are seamlessly assembled providing a fluid immersion. Balance between harmonic sounds and life blurring in the aural magnitude.

Released on the Sahel Sounds, a label based in Portland, Oregon. In the ten year existence of the label, there are a plethora of excellent release in as many styles. Don't wait on anything you like, these sounds sell out quickly when you are not listening.

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