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Thursday, February 1, 2018

LSJ - Misty Nights

LSJ, an acronym of the first initials for Lisa Cameron, Shawn David McMillen and Josh Ronsen. Misty Nights is a recording of their creative consciousnesses, combined and tangled with ends frayed. Traditional music is absent, pure sound has found friendly compatriots, we listen in. If sonic components could relax drinking coffee and have a conversation, Misty Nights might be a product of this meeting.

There is a direct connection to early industrial music being emitted by LSJ. Rattling, creaking, clanging, static feedback, bass, human voices, all are present. The difference from artists like SPK, stretching the length of time to LSJ, is nothing seems rushed or manic, like it did in the past. What ever term used to describe it, evolving, loss of cohesion, the "change the world industrial hammer pounding" has subsided. Misty Nights possesses impressive patience, the aural world unfolding before our ears. This is all just on the first side.

The flip changes tone starting with what sounds like saxophone played in some abandoned sonic test facility. Spirits have lingered and psycho-kinetically manipulate old equipment, adding to the eerie symphonic movement. An analog magnetometer continually pins red, the echoing clatter filling the emptiness with old life. Maybe this was a past venue for late seventies harmonic uproar, now breathing in a future time.

Releases on eh? Records out of Richmond, California. Number ninety eight in the eh? Records catalog. LSJ is a long time project from Austin Texas. Copies currently available from the label site here.

Sound Sample from the track Video Pirate
Sound Sample from the track Dead Fog

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