Quickly Sold Out


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

memorygarden禅 - districtアトランティス

The mysteries of music are illuminated by radiance. As depth increases, sounds obscure in either recognition or intention. districtアトランティス has reached fathoms beyond current sound explorations. Ambient density, shrouded in times harmonic delights. Patterns of pop music flickering in the distance, absolute certainty of sonic focal directions left for music scholars to debate.

memorygarden禅 reaches into the profound parts of the consciousness. Places where tones teeter between blissful euphoria and waiting room resonance. districtアトランティス is sustained for well over thirty minutes. Within this duration, thoughts are submerged, held in the buoyancy of cultural sequences. There are certain tracks and moments when the music seems to swirl in a maelstrom of current, loosing intricate patterns, becoming almost unrecognizable. This is the perplexing enigma, creating warmth from start to finish.

Released on Constellation Tatsu in early February of this year. The label has been in a methodical steady production since 2012 and districtアトランティス is numbered as eighty eight in the release catalog. Sure to sell out, once our music understanding gets to the same point.

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