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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nima Ashe - Give Me Fire For Your Love

Described by the label Peoples Of Planet Earth Records as "An Intergalactic Rock 'N Roll Record". Nima Ashe's new release titled Give Me Fire For Your Love is shrouded in a little bit of playful mystery. Nima has a video on the Peoples Of Planet Earth website, but it is not ready yet. There are no song samples anywhere to be found. Nothing on the internet for Nima Ashe and very little press for this new release. I did see one track on a playlist for WFMU on January 20th. Beyond this, not sure if Nima has landed yet.

Materializing through a numbered metal box, Lost In A Sea Of Sound has a beautiful compact disc on hand. The entire release has been listened to multiple times. One of the greatest elements in Give Me Fire For Your Love is Nima's descriptive prowess. Songs unfold with tones reaching from the past to future, rock and folk embraced, melting in an atmospheric descent. The lyrics keying in on feelings, emotions, thoughts and observations. Combining rural rhythms with clear and precise thoughts, evokes an introspective look into existence and it's complexity. A striking feature of Give Me Fire For Your Love is its controlled output. Nima's composition is not fancy or filled with sonic tricks. Rather straightforward and simple, using well written music with thoughtful lyrics. The rustic voice giving grit to music that sometimes pops from the roots. With ten tracks spread across roughly thirty eight minutes, the songs go fast. Naturally flowing very smoothly, with excellent diversity throughout. The entire listen easily maintains a whole record feel.

Give Me Fire For Your Love is scheduled for release on March 3rd. The option to purchase should be there soon as well as a video. There is an album Give Me Fire For Your Love reminds me of, the music is completely different and does not even compare, but the rich harmonic details and pictorial vocal delivery are similar. The first Loyd Cole album Rattlesnakes from 1984.

Peoples Of Planet Earth website