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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sheen Marina - Travel Lightly

At the current point of time, becoming familiar with the label Very Special Recordings and the associated artists is new. So yes, this is not a freshly unveiled release, but still sparkling for these ears. The best benefit of reading on and exploring Sheen Marina, cassette copies are still available.
Travel Lightly is Sheen Marina's full length debut. Kind of an implosion in time, drawing from music forms and genres across great distances to form the ultimate gravitational force within a singularity.

Nine tracks spread across thirty minutes. Tons of communication within this quartet. Precise starts and stops. Like vines dancing behind you back, when the head is turned to investigate, all is still. Complex intertwining of melodies with both harmonious and off kilter vocals. Very tempted to just start typing all the comparisons that come to mind... One that i will use, Snakefinger. Wicked guitars and lyrics that fit like a thirteen millimeter wrench on a half inch hex head bolt. Wild creativeness but kept in check by well formulated equations. Sheen Marina has a similar force to early XTC. Mayhem in complete control, twisted energy speeding and weaving the wrong way through traffic.

Released by Very Special Recordings last year. Brooklyn label, Brooklyn band. Twisted and raw, like a braid of punk, pop and rock.

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