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Saturday, March 24, 2018

18andCounting & The Only Ensemble - Animal Skins

Somewhere within the sleep cycle, dreams are vivid and impressive. Sounds from 18andCounting & The Only Ensemble accompany this altered landscape. Is this in the dream or is reality the source? The confluence of rhythms and poetry is turbulent, but somehow my consciousness exists in a motionless and meditative state. A listening high from some seriously strong components. A composition built with "Heavy Duty" as the last line in the ingredients. The first, "Molecular Manipulation".

Animal Skins is like post industrial hip hop, but it's unfair to throw down genres on sounds bent on escaping classification. And this is exactly what the six tracks on the cassette accomplish, freedom from being labeled. I tried in the first sentence of this paragraph but have been pummeled with rhythms and beats fired from a slowly turned Gatling gun. Safe harbors of the listening spectrum, riddled with blistering observations. Paralysis ensues as the armament turns to encompass all within the decibel range. 18andCounting & The Only Ensemble is a captivating contemptuous blast. An overwhelming connection to creativity and art that takes listening intensity to even begin to digest. Yes, Animal Skins does have some roots in a world we know, but the growth has gone where most can only dream about.

Released on cassette by the Dismal Niche label from Columbia, Missouri. From the 18andCounting bandcamp page there is also a lyric and photo book available and compact disc version. This is the second release by Dismal Niche for 18andCounting & The Only Ensemble. The first, TheBirdsAtThisHour has some descriptive words written here. Looks like both can still be ordered and should be.

Dismal Niche site - facebook - bandcamp
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