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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Body Fool - a stranger in a body

Recording devices have been attenuated to gather sounds from both microscopic and macroscopic origins. Both sample fields are rich with foreign fluctuating rhythms in a brief focal time space. The samples were intended to be separately analyzed and examined for signs of sentient existence. Body Fool was hungry for new sound fractals. Consumption was inevitable and the result is a stranger in a body.

This composition is well sustained with over forty minutes across four tracks. There is an interesting divide with the flip of the cassette. Side A rescues an aural world of minute molecular reactions. Electrons can be heard in high velocity orbit around their nucleus and proton counterparts. As atoms collide to form molecules, structural mutations change the rhythmic flow. An absorbing process for any consciousness to process. The flip side expands the sonic landscape. Explorations away from solar clusters into empty galactic expanse. Time becomes a vague meaning to human understanding. The drone of emptiness is filled by focusing on the remnants of solar winds lost in the same lonely distances. A very nice counterweight to the reverse.

Released by Body Fool from Berlin, Germany. The cross folding case cover art was designed by Agata Cardoso. Copies are available from the Body Fool bandcamp page. There are also many digital tracks for continued exploration.

Body Fool - bandcamp