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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Cla​-​ras / Lung cycles

Natural beauty in sound. Have listened to this split tape from Cla​-​ras and Lung cycles many times through. Not sure why descriptive words seem to still elude me? Will just begin with the easily apparent basics. Lengthy twenty minute sides by each artist. The Cla-ras portion, one long foray into tones that warm the heart. Lung cycles divides the second side into three tracks. Strings played in an electronic haze. Together, Cla​-​ras and Lung cycles have a balance, creating sounds for many repeat listens.

This is a debut for Cla-ras. Dense guitar played under heavy atmospheric pressure. Notes pierce through the mist to be heard and mused upon. This sonic departure takes all thoughts along with it. Like ripples in the water following each other, this is simple physics at play. There really is no choice other than rapid unwinding when listening to Cla-ras. Tranquil harmonies unfolding, like the change from night into morning.

Lung cycles has equal meditative powers. A feeling of intimacy in these melodies. Like looking over and seeing spiritual focus emanating without any work. A fresh water spring for the consciousness and only you are there to absorb the moment. Guitar arrangements sustained in organic foundations. From seeds to evolution in the species, time, patience and being left undisturbed has allowed serenity to flourish.

Released on Lily Tapes & Discs in an edition of fifty. Arriving at the start of the year, this Rochester, New York label slowly sells everything out, so do not wait too long. Beautiful sounds from Lily Tapes & Discs as always.

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