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Sunday, March 18, 2018

DAS - Feinted Haunts

Lost in the sound of unnatural beauty, tones pulling at the threads of consciousness. Like listeners are marionettes, manipulated through dimly lit passageways. DAS has a creative balance between futuristic intrigue and fear of the the unknown. The speakers open like vortexes. Small black singularities emitting melodies with a gravitational force. Thoughts seem to drift in an uncontrolled direction toward the source. Feinted Haunts holds mysteries unwilling to be discovered. Harmony delivered like a pot being stirred.

Over a half our of music divided into six tracks. This is a composition that drives on the sonic edge. To one side, a deep beautiful ambient landscape. Tranquility and beauty together to horizons end. Turn one hundred and eighty degrees and hear sounds from dense flora moving without wind. Fantastic in evolutionary splendor, making it a mortal mistake to venture very close. This is the tone that causes unrest, knowing a slip in this direction will cause the mind to be carried away. DAS has mastered his musical craft and takes listeners on this infinite aural thread.

Released on the Close/Far label from Springfield, Missouri. DAS is also from the same area. In an edition of one hundred. Currently available from the label or the DAS bandcamp page.

DAS - bandcamp
Close/Far site