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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Oxherding - Circular Movements In The Sky

Lost in a Sea of Sound had the pleasure to describe Oxherding once before. October of 2016 provided a special self released cassette titled The Past Is Gone and The Future Is Not Here Yet. A sonic spiritual gem receiving nice words from multiple sources, long sold out in physical form. Tonal remnants in digital structure are all that remain. Now, a much awaited return has materialized. This time on the beloved label from Missouri, Dismal Niche. All making sense since both Fitz Hartwig and Dismal Niche both hail from the Cave State.

Circular Movements In The Sky moves by quickly with one track just over ten minutes on each side. Most difficult to discern any separation in parts, this is more of a complete composition divided by the flip of a tape. Sounds are vibrant both in harmonic quality and spiritual fortitude. Organic, as if Fitz has fashioned unique recording equipment to tap the unheard world of natures sonic output. Possibly a method were Fitz channels atmospheric energy, recording in sound the beauty most only see. The methods are a mystery, but the results are pure nourishment for the conscious. With Circular Movements In The Sky emanating from the speakers, the imagination has an aural canvas for thoughts to rest. Oxherding has the special ability to transition from sparseness and solitude to an abundant complexity of the beautiful mysterious world. There are no seems.

Dismal Niche has worked to create Circular Movements In The Sky in an edition of one hundred. Released in January of this year, many copies have found homes already. Do not wait too long, there are many fans of this style of music. How could you not be?

Dismal Niche site - facebook - bandcamp
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