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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Q///Q - Serene Answer

Coming up on four years of describing music. Just looked and have never put anything up for Baked Tapes. Have been following the label since getting back into cassettes. Paths now crossed with this excellent label release titled Serene Answer by Q///Q. Some very serious talent with Peter Kris and Quinn Brayton joining creative forces. Going to end this introductory paragraph with a call to action. Grab a copy of Serene Answer from Baked Tapes. There are probably not very many left and would not want you to miss the opportunity with continued reading of descriptive biased thoughts.

Something about these tones just click into place. Maybe it rest in the evolved style from sounds originating in the early eighties. The evolution is a beautiful patience. The need to be the newest, loudest, and most out there is gone. Focusing now on steady raw industrial synth with beats pulled from Fritz Lang's head. Even though Fritz could not formulate the music at the time, these rhythms were there. Vocals spoken like anthems for listeners in a distant future. Sometimes just a conversation or a sample from unknown origin. Everything augmenting and mutating on this aural assembly line of sound. Industrial dub, is that a thing? Peter and Quinn like Sly and Robbie, going into a sonic channeling only they can withstand. Hopefully the task is not too arduous and Q///Q will resurface with more sounds in the future.

As noted, a Baked Tape release from the end of 2017. Cooking time is long for this label and every item gets purchased. Serene Answer is available in a batch with Sug's Only Hidden Once. A project name of Mike Sugarman, another extremely experienced artist with a great companion release for Serene Answer.     

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