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Monday, March 19, 2018

Seth Graham - Gasp

Standing on a busy street corner at attention to the intersection of life, sounds and consciousness. Witnessing moments when velocities and decibels barely miss each other, causing a briefly appearing vortex for rhythms and beats to disappear in. Collisions happen frequently, but nothing ever seems to be really damaged. Just a wobbly start from zero to gain speed in a direction of unknown destination. Sometimes the crossroads clear completely for a lumbering noise behemoth to grandiosely make it's way through. The hustle returns as small sounds dodge forceful noises. Listeners are left with a Gasp.

Seth Graham on his second time through the Nomenal Loom label and some where close to three for Orange Milk Records. Gasp is somehow divided into ten tracks, although it is difficult to notice. The sounds are brilliantly crisp and distinct. The feeling while listening is of sheer wonder. A genre-less construct expanding fluidly in all directions. Like the infinite fractals of a kaleidoscope, Seth holds everything by tiny tethers. Once the third and forth listen are achieved, the deeper beauty begins to drive into town. Gasp holds the encyclopedia of sounds, juggling it with a hot cup of espresso and a tape recorder. 

Noumenal Loom and Orange Milk have every one covered with a Gasp edition of two hundred. These labels have worked together to provide a vibrant outer jacket for the cassette case. Beautiful artwork all the way down to the sounds. To give Gasp a extra nudge, this cassette has already been slung up as album of the day on Bandcamp. They have some good words over there too.


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