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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Brianna Kelly / Sympathy Pain - Split Cassette

Received a copy of the latest split edition cassette on Whited Sepulchre Records. This time Brianna Kelly on one side and Sympathy Pain filling the other. The combination of these two artist makes a very balanced split release. Both spinning in timeless orbit, the droning nexus binding them to a future of countless cycles. Lost in a listening haze, sometimes it is difficult discerning what side of the tape is playing. Then Brianna's voice drifts through, adding a dimensional portal in this low beat per minute world.

Brianna Kelly mixes spirit with the unseen existence. Decaying melodies, somehow making their lengthy sojourn to the current moment. Brianna greets each note with a vocal interweaving of ethereal choir tones and soothing lullabies. Her four tracks meander in the electronic wash, clearing to hear strings being played, then tangling with dense obscurities again. A very subtle beauty, delivered in pace with a heart at rest. Thoughts begin to teeter in the inter space between reality and what is just beyond.

As the second side begins, Sympathy Pain takes the reigns delivering focus into distant realms. Two lengthy tracks taking hold of all consciousnesses and firmly departing through the veil of the unknown. Travelling in places where human measures have no relevance, Sympathy Pain's momentum is the only bearing that is somewhat recognizable. A rotating wheel with one knock as each cycle is complete. Strings sustained in an infinite reverberation fanning the movement through, then becoming clear as the center point is reached. Motion stops and traveling listeners are set adrift, their fate to awake or rest forever is yet undetermined.

This is the third cassette released in the Whited Sepulchre Records split series. The previous split tape, Sister Grotto & Tucker Theodore / Planning for Burial is sold out and Whited Sepulchre's first cassette with Braeyden jae​ /​ Ant'lrd is down to only a remaining handful. So do not wait, the Brianna Kelly / Sympathy Pain is in a limited edition of one hundred.

Also be sure to take a look at the pre-release for the colored vinyl split with Kyle Bobby Dunn and Wayne Robert Thomas. In a small run of only two hundred.

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