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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Coastal Car - Silent Moons, Silent Rooms

A little over a year ago, Lost in a Sea of Sound described Coastal Car's cassette titled Lossless. There were nine tapes left when Lossless was posted on this site, these quickly sold. Now Coastal Car has made a return trip to Already Dead Tapes and Records. The new release is titled Silent Moons, Silent Rooms, changing gears with out a sound, smooth like a European luxury sedan. How has Andy Buczek cruised into 2018? The title tells all, implicit motion, gliding down a path only heard within current the moment. The future is beyond the horizon and infinity is the only direction.

Silent Moons, Silent Rooms simply digs in and unpacks melodic pop music. The most beautiful aspect is the lack of need for any sonic manipulation. Andy could easily play this entire album directly in front of you and it would be completely memorable. These tunes scrape the past and dust the future with harmonies dislodged in the process. There are brief moments sounding like what has been before, recognizable but not easily placed. Patterns in sonic delivery from decades ago, adrift and somehow gathered and focused again. How can such a young artist weave the aural fabric like a seasoned seamstress? "sweetness and light" and "sunshine girl", are two examples of songs having perfect ingredients, unprocessed and delivered with emotion intact. Andy Buczek is truly gifted and has composed another monstrous monument to beautiful sounds.

This cassette was released in March on Already Dead Tapes and Records. In an edition of sixty, barely enough for Kalamazoo, Silent Moons, Silent Rooms will not last long.

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